Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Me-Made-May Results or my love for Scouts!

So with May behind us it's about time to see how it went. First up, the last batch of ropey selfies...

Clockwise from top  left;17/05/13; 18/05/13; 23/05/13; 30/05/13; 26/05/13, 25/05/13

The briefest hint of sunshine allowed me to wear my Darling Ranges dress, albeit with a vest, half slip, tights and (later) boots. Then I tested out a couple of yet-to-be-blogged tops; a cute Washi tunic made from a soft grey anchor print cotton and a pinstripe Scout with a self drafted peter pan collar. Next I wore my crabby Ginger. And finally my denim tulip skirt and beloved Liberty Scout to finish with.

What have I learnt? My pledge was to wear two me-made or refashioned garments a week, I make that at least 8 garments. I managed 14! Yay! I've also learnt that I really love a Scout T-shirt...

 ...and my yellow cardigan! I have fabric washed and waiting patiently to be made into another Scout. Looks like if it wasn't wearing a Scout it was a skirt, not bad for a jeans&tee sort of girl. Again I have some fabric lined up for another pleated knee length skirt. Well, if it aint broke..

The three occasions I didn't wear a Scout or knee length skirt are below, all of which were made in May, along with my peter pan Scout and refashioned silk Scout. I'm pretty pleased with my self, especially as of the clothes I've worn only four skirts and a top were made before May (and two of those just a week before!)

I have loved taking part, even though I couldn't commit to a garment every day, maybe next year. I have loved seeing what everyone has worn although my to-make list is as ling as my arm now!

Now I'd better get to bed, unless I just cut out my next Scout!

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