Friday, 17 May 2013

Progress report: Me-Made-May'13

So, half way through May and how am I doing with my Me-Made-May'13 challenge? Not bad at all!

I've committed to two me-made or refashioned garments a week and I'm actually exceeding that target! I've been recording my progress on Instgram, so here's what i've been wearing;

Clockwise from top left; 01/05/13; 02/05/13; 07/05/13; 04/05/13
For the first of May I wore my brand new 1000 cranes skirt. I'm so pleased with it! I've managed to get the fit pretty good and felt great in it. Next up was my Scout. I made this from a beautiful piece of cotton lawn I grabbed from Liberty's remnant bin last summer. It is a touch wide on the shoulders/neck but so comfy and easy to wear. I felt awful on the 4th and I have to say I didn't last the day in my red corduroy mini skirt. I drafted it myself last autumn, copying an even smaller skirt (from many years ago). I think it's just too short and low waisted; I'm no longer 19 :(  The 7th was the last of the lovely (brief) warm spell of weather so I wore my denim tulip skirt. I went back and took in the waist after it's first outing as it was gaping a bit. While I was messing with the waistband I put in a lining. Why I didn't in the fist place I don't know!

Clockwise from top left; 08/05/13; 11/05/13; 15/05/13; 13/05/13

On the 8th, almost the moment it was finished, my silk shirt x Scout refashion got a test drive. I'm very pleased with it (see smug face pic) I might sew the button placket together though, the top button did slip out at one point. Next was my yellow t-shirt, almost too boring to mention, except that the fit is pretty bad; kind of loose and a bit short. I definitely need more practice with knits. My beloved Liberty Scout (again) straight off the ironing board. I think a few more Scouts are needed! And finally my crabby Ginger skirt from last summer. It used to have the beautiful shaped waistband, but it always folded up on it's self. I think I'm too short waisted for it. So it's been recently straightened. It's also unlined, so the waistband is currently just tacked down because I'm *getting round* to lining it. Any minute now....

8 me-made days out of 15, pretty good going! Maybe my initial pledge of 2 garments a week was a bit pessimistic. I think I'll keep this up, I'm wearing my Darling Ranges dress as I type and finished a cute top last night (not even a Scout) Onwards and upwards!

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