Tuesday, 19 June 2012


Time. Do you have enough?

I seem to be busier than ever so do I really have time to start this blog? I certainly spend a lot of time reading blogs. I even plan little blog posts of my own in my head, so why not actually do it?

I started a blog before, when I had an abundance of time but never seemed to do anything. That blog failed. Unsurprisingly, as I had nothing to say, nobody was reading and I lost interest. So now I'm trying again.

I want to use this blog primarily to record my dressmaking, not something I've done a great deal of even though I've been sewing for as long as I can remember. My first sewing machine was a tiny plastic hand cranked number, I can still picture it now. What I can't quite remember making a lot of wearable garments though. Unless some very short skirts when I was 17, a nurse uniform (for fancy dress) and a dodgy cropped jacket with a self drafted* asymmetric placket count. But that was all a good 6+ years ago.

In the last few years I've been mildly obsessed with making patchwork quilts. I do so love a repeating pattern. But there are (probably) only so many patchwork quilts a person needs. So that and the fact that I'm addicted to reading sewing/dressmaking blogs at the moment (filled with a tinge of jealousy at the beautiful creations throughout Me-Made-May) has made me want to join in so badly. I'm going to get back into dressmaking and see if I can make some clothes that I actually wear.

hp 1133
So up first; I thought I'd jump straight into a knit, not something I've had success with before. I bought the ikat jersey from John Lewis along with a couple of ballpoint needles. Hey, look! It's not bad! The fit is off though. I need to take it in about 1.5" all over. Maybe I was too cautious/pessimistic with my measurements vs the size chart. It was very simple and quick to make and actually looks like a t-shirt! 

Double needle top stitched hem
I'm not wild about the stretch stitch on my sewing machine, I think it looks a bit messy in places but it's not so bad that I wouldn't wear it. Once it actually fits of course.

So what was the first successful, wearable garment you made? Would you still wear it now? 

Right then, I've got a Scout woven T pattern printed, stuck together and cut to size waiting for my attention!

*by self drafted I mean I winged it.

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